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History will develop children’s curiosity of their immediate history as well as history of the wider world. Children will be inspired to think critically, analyse evidence and generate meaningful questions to understand significant past events which has shaped our world today. Through the teaching of History, children will develop a sense of how the world has changed, understand diversity of different societies as well as further understanding how events have impacted their lives today.

History Curriculum Overview


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


History of them Remembrance day

Great fire of London

Stone Age to Iron Age: Changes to Britain

The Roman Empire: Changes and Impact to Britain

The Anglo Saxons and Viking invasions: How both of these settlers struggled for power in Britain

How has Britain been impacted by significant events from the Stone Age to 1066


Sir Tom Moore (influence and life in WWII). Local History. LS Lowry

The Bronte Sisters

 Ancient Egypt: Compare and contrast to the Stone Age and Iron Age

Ancient Greece: Compare and contrast to the Roman Empire

Mayans: Compare and Contrast to the Anglo Saxons

Benin (900-1300AD)-Different look at Africa


Neil Armstrong

Grace Darling

Local history of Keighley and how it has changed over time

The Industrial Revolution in Bradford

 WWI and II: How these events are significant in British history and how they have influenced our world today

Early Islamic civilisation