Mrs Rehman


What we've done in Year 5 - Shahzaib

Throughout Year 5, we have studied a  lot of topics such as Ancient Greece. At the beginning of this topic, we wrote about what we already knew and what we wanted to find out. We also designed a poster about how the Ancient Greeks lived and by researching lots of facts about them, we became more familiar with this topic and our knowledge and understanding grew.

Later, we wrote our own Greek Myth relating to Theseus and the Minotaur. We had lots of fun acting out different myths.

We went on a trip to Winder Boats to discover how boats are made. Back at school we made our own boats using bottles and other equipment. We used the information we found out at Winder Boats to make and test our boats.

In Maths, we've done lots of geometry. The first thing we did was learn about co-ordinates. Then we moved onto reflection and finally translation.

We have learnt lots over the year and are looking forward to the challenges in Year 6.