All of our English work has been based around the most amazing book 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. It is a wordless book with fantastic illustrations, allowing children to make predictions and decide what they think the main character (a girl with a magical, red crayon) should do next.

The children have produced some amazing writing in the role of the character and are beginning to include some of the year 4 grammar in their writing. They are also securing previous objectives including;

- using a range of conjunctions

- fronted adverbials

-use of commas


-expanded noun phrases


In reading, children have focused on answering recall questions from fiction, retrieving information from non-fiction and making inferences based on characters' feelings and what they've been doing.

Most children have read at home nearly every night which is fantastic!

Please ensure that when you are reading with the children, you are also asking them about the book. These could included questions such as;

- Can you retell the story to me?

- What does this word mean?

- How do you think the character is feeling?

- What do you think will happen next?

When your child completes the book, they should also complete an activity in their journals. All children have one of these and it has been explained to them what they need to do.

Maths has focused on securing place value knowledge so that the children can make rapid progress throughout the rest of the year. They have applied these skills in a variety of ways using a mixture of written, mental, pictorial and practical resources to show deeper understanding.


- Times tables tests are every Wednesday morning. Children should be practising these at home at least 3 or 4 times per week.

- Children must read at home every night with an adult. This is a school expectation which you have agreed to by signing their initial year 4 reports.

- Spellings are sent home every Wednesday. Children need to practice these, as discussed in class.