Year One – Our Bodies

Last half term we learned about the different parts of our body such as our skeleton and we named some of our bones.  We learned about how our bodies work inside and out.

To start our topic we had to search the school to find skeleton bones, we built the skeleton and labelled the different parts using our phonics!  Our Literacy work has been linked to the book ‘Funny Bones’.

In Maths we were focusing on place value, teen and ty numbers and addition and subtraction.  We drew around our bodies and counted how many beanbags or unifix bricks tall we were!

We also learned about our ‘5 Senses’.  Here we are finding out what it would be like to not be able to see.

Finally we thought about what we have inside our bodies, these are called our ‘internal organs’.  A visit to the Life Education Caravan helped us to learn about what they are called and what they do.  We also talked about how to keep our bodies healthy!



Year One – Autumn Term 1B

This half term Year One children will be learning about the ‘People who Help Us’ within the our local community.

We will be linking this topic with Superheroes and our English and Maths work will be linked to ‘The Lego Movie’ and the Minions.

To start our topic we will be having a Superhero dress up day!